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tv   ABC 7 News at 4PM  ABC  September 28, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> police say they're investigating every possibility but at this point it appears to be a tragic accident. >> we're still investigating it and we're still considering all factors or possibly contributing factors to why the driver didn't see the child. >> the school district sent grief counselors to the school. and says the teacher involvement makes this unthinkable. >> i can't speak bit. not because i don't want to. it's too much. it's too much to comprehend now. >> it was a little girl out not here today. everybody is grieving. nobody knows the pain everybody is going through. >> police and other sources have told thaws soreli was seven years old. we're hearing from friends that she was six, but turning seven on sunday. and now, instead of planning a birthday party her mother is
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making funeral arrangements. in east palo alto abc 7 news. >> thank you. so sad there. another fatal accident in east palo alto very tragic today. the man hit by the driver of an suv being chased by police. police say the suv struck and kill aid motorcyclist. he has not been identified. the accident occurred on university avenue and bay road. the incident began before 5:30 this morning according to our media partner, police have been called about a burglary and spotted an z.and tried to pull over the suv. the police department is investigating the accident if officers follow the chase policy. >> a massachusetts man is in federal custody now, facing terrorist charges. authorities believe he was intent on major damage. the 26-year-old is accused of planning to attack the u.s. capitol and pentagon using a manned -- unmanned drone.
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these are aerials of his home, he believed fbing agents were al qaeda recruiters and he's an american sit skpen a graduate of northeastern university. federal agents say he began stanning this attack last year. >> u.s. immigrations and customs arrested nearly 3,000 convicted criminals, illegal immigrants in a sweep. officers made 186 arrests in the bay area and northern california most in santa clara county where 35 people were taken into custody. there are 21 more arrests in alameda county this, is called cross check. the prigs the largest of its kind. officials have been -- rather people arrest have had been convicted for felonies including atempted murder, rape and kidnapping and face deportation. a boost for oakland today. the city receiving funding from washington allowing stoit fire 25 more police officers. the cops program funding will provide $10.5 million so oakland can keep officers on
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the job three years. the chief detailed where new officers will go. >> our program will focus on schools, and kids. and surrounding areas and as kids come and go. mentorship to the children making sure we have a connection with these uniforms and police department, that police officers are seen in a positive way. >> the grant money will help oakland rehire officer that's have been laid off as well as fill positions that were left vacant. grants went to other cities but largest went to oakland. >> an oakland community is outraged after a deadly shooting in the east bay dragons motorcycle club house. a member was killed. his loved ones say he was a leader in efforts to reduce crime in the city. >> friends of hassan saied gathered to mourn. there were candles and flowers and there was outrage.
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>> i know people loved him. if he seen my children, he gave them money, and said hello, making sure we're okay. i don't know what happened. i don't understand it. >> members supplied us with this picture of the man they called ike. police say the shooting happened after 9:30 last night. >> the information that we have tells us our victim was seated in the garage area of the club house with friends, when the suspect approached on foot. suspect opened fire on our victim. and then, fled the scene on foot. >> saeid died in the hospital. police are giving no description of the suspect and looking into eye witness accounts if the gunman wore a mask. >> i think the person that smiles all the time and laughed. he stuttered and made joke autos may 29th two people were
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shot to death and a third person wounded near the club. police are still investigating those killings. >> did not to deserve last night. the black on black crime has to stop. it's sad. >> we're looking for anyone with information to please contact the oakland police department major crimes section. >> police say there is a good deal of crime along international boulevard and the club itself was not a focal point of crime. >> another day of griping testimony in the trial of michael jackson's personal physician, members testified about the moms the morning of the death. dr. conrad murray handled the situation, some people believe mishandled and the unusual request he made after jackson died. >> right now there is a key witness on this case.
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he was jackson's head of security and is telling the court what it was like the day the singer died. >> dr. murray said he had a bad reaction. >> the paernl sis stant recalled the moment he learned something was wrong. michael williams testified it began with this voice mail from dr. conrad murray. williams learned jackson was dead. murray asked him to go back to the house. >> he said that there is some cream and michael's room. or house, room. that he won't want the world to know about. and he requested that i, or someone give him a ride back to get it. >> the first part of the morning focused on two things. jackson's house and mur ease compensation negotiation. an executive testified murray
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wanted $5 million. >> too high? too snow. >> way too high. >> saying jackson agreed to pay murray $150,000 a month. the attorney negotiating the contract says she asked the doctor grower jackson's five year medical history. >> dr. murray told me repeatedly michael jackson was healthy and in excellent condition. >> she says she was surprise whed requested a cpr machine for jackson. >> that turn testified dr. murray was never paid and michael jackson didn't sign the contract before the singer died. larry, back to you. >> thank you. and back here in the bay area officials are investigating two suspicious overnight fires in antioch. saying it started in the grass outside of a building. there are only minutes apart
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this, is video of the second location outside of the apartment building and no buildings were damaged and two fences were destroyed there. >> and massive apartment building fire in san francisco remains unknown broke out after 4:00 p.m. inside of a building and investigators believe it may have started in a top floor apartment. the flames caused damage to the building and $350,000 in damage to contents. two people, one fire fighter suffered injury autos a gas leak forced some santa clara neighbors to evacuate about an hour today. it appears a road resurfacing machine struck the main this morning. pg&e crews spent three hours patching the leak, take a look at this, investigators near sacramento believe a gas leak caused a service of the road to burst into flames around
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6:30 last night. workers shut off the main and firefighters kept that fire from spreading. that fire force he'd vac waigs of that area. and crews managed to cap the leak just after midnight. >> there is time for the first check of the forecast. >> it's hot out there. >> i felt the ice melting. and temperatures rose a good five to 15 degrees. they'll be falling and clear and mild, mid 60s to mid-80s, in the morning, coastal fog starting to creep up from the south. there is fog and a switch in the wind direction. it's going to be a cooler day and this is cooler at the coast. and low 90s inland. we're going to continue cooling trend throughout the weekend and will be talking about some umbrella weather.
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>> thank you. >> still ahead this afternoon, what is the deal with the yawn something am i that boring? research could explain why we do it this could be a game changer. a look at amazon's lower cost challenge to the ipad. >> and michael finney is taking your consumer questions and we have links for you at abc 7 >> and taking a look at traffic right now in berkeley. it's slow going on interstate 80 in both directions this wednesday. we'll be back right after this. stay with us. [ female announcer ] at jcpenney uncover mystery savings this friday & saturday. everytime you use your jcpenney rewards credit card reveal savings worth 15...20...
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this afternoon a low-cost medication is showing promise for people who want to stop smoking. it's used in eastern europe and new research out of london suggests it can triple smokers' chances of quitting within a year. and researchers say they can afford to smoke and they can afford to take the bill. >> and just because you yawn doesn't mean you're tired. researchers found yawning helps cool temperatures in the brain. and examined 160 volunteers and turns out they earn qis twis as much in the winter than in the summer. scientists believe yawning let's cooler air in bringing your brain back to optimal temperature. a warm brain can cause sleepiness which is why you yawn when tired. researchers found music can help some surgeons do their jobs better. a study shows most doctors listen to music while
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operating and tends to benefit experienced surgeons the most and found junior surgeons do not perform as well because to them, it's serving as a distraction. >> and reebok agreed to pay $25 million to settle false advertising charges it's toning shoes provide extra muscle strength. take a look. this shows an ad for easy tone and run tone shoes. the company advertises the shoes are proven to strengthen hamstrings and calfs 11 purse and toning buttocks up to 28%, but customers can now get refunds through ftc uk see a lot of shoes in that ad. and there is amazon unleashing it's fire but is it that hot? >> and the big question is q put the fire out?
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amazon unveiled its kindel fire tab blet computer, many are wondering if this will be a true worthy rival to apple's best selling ipad. the difference is that the fire is an e book reader and tablet in one. it's got a seven inch screen and wi-fi but no camera and interest there is a 30 day free trial of amazon price of just $199 but at such a low price, amazon may be losing money on this up front. one guest today said they probably spent about $200 making each device, first they won't be profiting from sales. idea is that he is using the fire to subsidize the rest of the products like music, books and movies. and groupon trying to keep the
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fire going and has announced it's rewards program aimed at getting repeat merchants and visitors this, is how it works. consumers spent a certain amount paid for by the merchant and then, they'll get an even deeper ks count. this after showing groupon had fewer unique visitors last month compared to mid peak in june. one of the causes could be an oversaturation of the daily deals market. taking a look at another market. waits more than just a bad day for stocks today. market tanks after a huge three-day rally. your bloomberg silicon valley index closed down by almost 1.5%. take a look at sales of reality, fell after showing say it will stop playing for glasses that movie goers use when watching the films. so easy with forcing theater
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operators to charge for glasses which could reduce attendance for the screenings. >> thank you. >> and nobody wants to wear goofy glasses. >> it would be better if you didn't have to. it was warm out there today. >> yes. sandhya patel is here with the accu-weather forecast. not going stay this hot. >> tomorrow, cooling changes begin and we'll head into friday. highs so far warm along the coast. take a look at this. 86 santa cruz. 88 degrees in san francisco. we have really hot weather in places like livermore and san jose. mid-90s there. and there is morgan hill, 99 so far. oakland has gotten pretty wampl. so a warm autumn day and heat is holding on. most areas in 80s and 90s except half moon bay.
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fog fills in along the coast tonight. cooling begins tomorrow. you'll feel it at the coast. and early season rain coming in next week so get ready to get rain gear out. this afternoon, you'll notice the fog has been coming in, creeping up towards the monterey area. so far still south of the monterey bay but spreading north this, is what is going to bring big changes heading into next 24 hours. the fog starts to fill in along the coastline here. and there is inland areas feel fear. -- clear. and there is temperatures falling. mild inland by morning. looking at upper 50s to low 60s, and mainly 50 where fog is sitting. here is the pacific satellite picture, hurricane hillary not expected to be a factor but there is a stormy pattern setting up. jet stream going to take a dive south. we're going to see one system after another just dropping
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down and there is a low that sends energy our way. we're looking at rainy pattern beginning on monday. and then, spreading tuesday and wednesday. and tomorrow afternoon, still warm inland. dropping off about five degrees we'll see low 90s antioch and livermore. you'll notice a big change in temperatures. san francisco going from 88 so far to 71 tomorrow afternoon. and 62 in half moon bay dropping from 80 degree readings. 84 in santa rosa. 76 oakland. 94 degrees tomorrow and around the bay, 68 in santa cruz. fog is going to linger aum afternoon. 89, morgan hill. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a cooler forecast. drizzle possible. only 78 for saturday, 76 sunday and there is rain monday, tuesday. really chances of rain on
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tuesday and we're keeping it mainly north at this point. wednesday, down right looks rainy, stormy and possibility of snow in the sierra nevada. it's early october we're talking about. >> yes. >> and this is typically we see rain october 31, halloween. but we've had real soakers on columbus day. >> it's true. >> this will be interesting early. >> we'll enjoy heat while we have it. >> yes. >> and entertainment news, there is break up buzz about dem skpismt ashton. >> here is chris bailish. >> break up rumors swirling around demi moore and ashton kutcher following a "star" magazine cover story. the tabloid claims the star had a fling with a 23-year-old woman during a recent trip to san diego with friends. the couple has not released a
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comment. and george clooney directed some hollywood heavy hitters. >> they're all the best actors in the business. and this is everyone of them. i didn't have to do much. just say "action" and "cut". >> and we have prevention magazine's healthy tv awards with honor stars including hot in chiefland's valerie bertinelli. >> about keeping your mind and body active. and she reads and stays busy, always moving forward. and if you take care of yourself, the rest will come out. >> next at 4:00 state parks on the line in an effort to keep this gem open. it's gaining steam. >> and later the kmet increasing speculation new jersey governor wants to be president. >> then at 5:00 latest efforts to cover up victoria secret
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ads from eyes of children.
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environmentalists renug efforts to prevent closure of 70 california state parks. on the list these is one park slated to close in marin county. a collision of politicians called on the governor sign a bill that will let local governments seek private financing. >> this will allow up to 20 agreement s between state parks department and nonprofits to help manage state park autos it's a short term solution and a creative, good solution.
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>> this group urged the governor to lk for ways to restore $33 million taken from the budget. 70 of the 278 state parks and beaches are scheduled to los by july, next year. >> for some san francisco drivers today was a very lucky day. and sky 7 at a shell gas station giving away free gasoline this morning two hours, you can see there are 200 customers drove away with 15 gallons of gas. this is to promote the company's fuel and thank customers. >> what a deal. >> yes. >> and students whose quest for a good s.a.t.score led to charge autos and a shout out this morning. >> there are students like will kim from fremont, california. >> we'll introduce you the young man president obama singled out in washington, d.c.. >> and there is a controversy
4:26 pm
over this college newspaper cartoon. some say it's racist. >> and there is a spare the air today, enjoy the heat. it's going away. interest tl is a cool down coming and rain not far behind. i'll be back with details.
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this cartoon in a newspaper set off a fire storm
4:29 pm
on a local campus today it appears to disparage african american men. the artist says his good intentions backfired. >> laura anthony has the story. laura? >> the cartoon appeared in the student newspaper here. it's called the tempest and caused a stir. >> what rights do you have to say that we need to go way? who are you? >> are we tired of being a whipping post? >> african americans and others denounced this cartoon and creator. >> that is border line hate crime right there. you're a black man yourself. >> the cartoon depicts black women complaining about black men, a woman calls them trifling and another wishes they would all, quote go away. >> i thought wow.
4:30 pm
another slap in the face. >> some students were offended that the strip ran below an editorial of a murder of a young student athlete you throw this in here, we're mourning. one of my classmates? >> the cartoonist mostly listened. his critics called work, racist. his colleagues tried to defend what they call aid collective decision. >> it's a part of a series. the story would have shown the strength of the relationships. >> tt way was script was presented initially was wrong. >> students said it was a mistake to run without content or explanation. he describes where the story was headed. >> what happens is that the black men are taken to a planet of an advanced black race. and they're given training... >> and well,. >> on the way out, temple told us where the strip is going now. >> i might put it on my web
4:31 pm
site. as it stands now it's not going to be in the "tempest". >> now, the hard copy and newspaper with this cartoon in it is still available here on campus. and the university or the college announced today that they have pulled it off the web site for the campus newspaper and as you heard there, the series itself will not continue. >> how did this get past editors and into print? seems someone would have stopped it. >> you would think so. and then, in hind sight folks on the paper said they shougt it- -- thought waits a mistake. there was a faculty advisor for the newspaper here this, is a class here, she told me off camera she did not see the strip very late. and it went into the newspaper and however, there is an
4:32 pm
editor in chief, and of the page. both of them apparently did see it and went ahead with a choice to publish it. >> and if you have a teenager taking s.a.t., listen to this. six new york city area kids face criminal charges after being accused of hiring a youngman to take their s.a.t.tests for them. saying they paid the 19-year-old between 1500s skpdz $2500 to take the college entrance exam for them. he produced results. the college sophomore averaging a combined score of 2200 for the students putting them in the 97% of all test takers every school these six students applied to, these kids were applying they were competing with kids who were not cheating. >> no one had a case go to criminal court because of cheating in an exam. >> all of the students attend
4:33 pm
greatneck north high school considered one of the prestigious public schools on long island. >> a bay area high school students whose test landed him on a mission got a shout out today from the president. >> can you imagine being 17 years old and the president of the united states is suddenly talking about your successes? wow. will kim is a student at mission san jose high school. kim started a nonprofit called happy day micro funds. soon a few classmates were helping him. kim just read about micro lending and the movement. in other words lending small ams to local people to start a business. in this case, students who have absolutely no credit history. >> there are students like will kim from fremont california who launched a nonprofit giving loans to
4:34 pm
schools that want to start a business. >> no interest, no no legal ties it's like a friend giving a friend a loan and asking for it back through monthly repayment ootz nonprofit helped start two businesses, one in oakland, the second in san jose. two young college women who would never qualify for loans. the organization raised $10,000 to help future entrepreneurs. at 6:00 we're going to show how one of the women is using money borrowed and making waist beads. very trendy. >> thank you. >> new jersey governor will headline a fund-raiser tonight in atherton. the question swirls will he keep saying no? or will he jump into the republican field to challenge president obama next year? he left the door open slightly when began his tour of the golden state. >> i mean this with my heart. we need you. your country needs you to run
4:35 pm
for president. >> i thank you for what you're saying. and i take it in and i'm listening to every word and feeling it, too. >> christie made remarks last night during an appearance at ronald reagan presidential library. tonight's fund-raiser taking place of the home of former g.o.p. gur tore yil candidate meg whitman. >> metropolitan position voting to buy a building in san francisco for new headquarters. the agency oversees spending in the bay area, many leaders saying the city cannot afford to lose more jobs and some lawmakers also objected to the building's price tag. despite concerns they will pay $180 million for this. it's the old postal building on main street. 50 coming up, what is behind an explosion in number of exotic animals in florida. >> and a light show in the sky. it's not space junk falling to
4:36 pm
earth. science behind northern lights is just ahead. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will answer them live just later. we have links on abc 7 >> there is green lights so no travel problems out across the western u.s., heading back east, newark, jfk, low ceilings and delays up to 55 minutes, la guardia traffic management is in effect. there are gate holes and taxi delays, i'll be back with a look at the local forecast and its changing.
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reveal savings worth 15...20... or 30% extra off all apparel, shoes and accessories. no exclusions! go to to see everything on sale. jcpenney. you're looking at the northern lights this, time lapse video gives a view of the phenomenon when it makes them light up like a natural neon light display this, video from denmark they can be seen in norway, sweden and iceland. best chance of catching a glimpse is september through april. >> that doesn't look real. >> no. >> the state of florida in the middle of an invasion by nonnative reptiles. >> this is right off the sidewalk. >> another python. when you find one, you often find more. >> and that is not good. a new study finds florida has
4:40 pm
largest number of the reptiles in the world than any place in the world. so far there haven't been wide spread environmental impacts but the lead author says it takes decades to see the consequences. >> for some to say these have no consequences and no negative impacts on the environment, okay. well, let us know in 30, 40, 50 years. we'll see what happens then. >> and this found that 25% of the established nonnative reptiles were distributed through one bis official says tighter regulations will not solve this problem saying the public needs to be more ware of the risks. >> wow. >> and inflation could make jewish knewer not sweet for some people. >> a change could be coming to cuba's classic car culture. >> in san francisco, the a man,
4:41 pm
his bed and a parking space. we'll explain coming up live.
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4:43 pm
flook -- taking a look across the bay. very warm, still outside. and there is an update on the forecast in just a moment. a san francisco man taking a unique approach to fund raising. >> he put a bed in a homeless
4:44 pm
area in a parking space. >> and we have the story. heather? >> it's illegal to sit or lie on the sidewalks here in the haight district but is okay to park a bed on the street. he has been parking his twin bed here since monday. he feeds a meter, $2 an hour from 10:00 to 6:00 to give homeless youth a place to rest. it doesn't violate the city lay law. and to raise money. feeding the meter is illegal. and so far, the authorities are leaving him and his bed alone. >> the cops have been nice about it. i haven't had one issue. one cop asked what it's about. i told him.
4:45 pm
he just moved and drove off. >> the bed didn't get much use today. this couple and their dog didn't stay long because austin thought the bed wasn't strong enough to hold all of them. he spent $200 getting his logo on two blankets between online donations and water bottles, he's raised $700. >> that is putting laws in place to push the problem way we should change it and coming up with a solution. >> this 21-year-old just arrived here last night. he's been on the road from maine for five years. he says he mostly lives off pan handling. >> i find dimes. i can't play an instrument. i had a saxophone. i got to go to berkeley. hopefully, it's still there. >> that term fly the sign he used there at the end of the story means to pan handle. austin says he plans to be
4:46 pm
back here with his bed, every day, through saturday. >> that young man, where is he going tonight? where have the youth gone today? he says he will probably go to golden gate park tonight. he does have a sleeping bag and backpack. the homeless youth alliance says that that is where most of the young people have gone or just to other streets. >> still ahead reports on where muammar gaddafi is now hiding out. >> and honey price hikes leaving people with a bitter taste this jewish new year. >> bill collectors can be scary but what can they do to you? i'm answering questions next. >> and later at 5:00 a woman no longer facing a harsh punishment for getting behind of wheel of a car. will this steer a new policy?
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checking traffic now a hook at san francisco skyway downtown. it's gridlock in both directions. the giants played final game today when you have an afternoon game and 7 on your side, you're happy you're not in that. michael finney is answering questions that people posted to his page. >> we know collection agencies can be brutal. one viewer wants to know how far someone goes. i'm glad you asked. kathleen asked, she says i've been victim of guerrilla collection tactics. can they put me in jail if i cannot pay a bill? i reported them to fcc and who else should i report them to?
4:51 pm
they cannot put new jail. we do not have debtor prisons in the united states. you don't need to think about that. who should you report them to? bbb would be a good thing too do. you can go to the attorney general. it's unlikely they'll act. however, if they received a ton of complaints about this company, maybe so. here is the bottom line. 20 years ago state of california stopped regulating bill collectors and that is why you're dealing with issues you're dealing with today. cory f says i know there is a fee when you bounce a check, isn't there a threat of criminal charges? a lot of people don't know this, you bet there is. if you write a bad check and know there is no money in there, you have committed a felony. it's very unlikely you'd be charged because people say i didn't know and a d.a.doesn't want to spend a lot of time deal wigt. if yaur kt has been closed and go ahead and write a check on
4:52 pm
a close add kt, they'll come after you for sure on that one. and either way, just don't write bad checks. and finally kathy e posted this question on my page. why when i see pg&e trucks they have california state exempt plates? aren't they a private enterprise? they are. as soon as we read this we checked. there is a bunch of work being done near the station wech checked them out and did not see any of those exempt plates. we contacted pg&e. they say, let me show them to you, they use regular california complaints, commercial vehicle plates and special equipment plates. those look like they're exempt that. is probably what you've seen. if that wasn't in, that is okay. take a picture and we'll bust them.
4:53 pm
financial phoneathon -- excuse me, i mean tonight from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. call 211 with financial questionings for residents of san francisco, san mateo, napa and marin. among sponsors are the schwab foundation and wells farg yes. there are a ton of people down there. >> let's get a check of the forecast now. >> it's hot now but not going to stay that way. >> and here is a look at the satellite picture. fog coming in moving north. the fog spreads north. we're going to see relief coming up tomorrow. up to 20 degrees cooler at the coast because of the fog and that is a sea breeze going to be taking a stronger turn. 86 in san jose tochl.
4:54 pm
and more areas will see cooling but there is a drop at the coastline. high clouds will be moving in from the south. 82 in palo alto and menlo park and there are low to mid-60s on the coastline. you're going to seat fog hanging on into afternoon. daily city, 62 degree was fog. and there is a big drop there. north bay, you're still going hang on to warmth. there is santa rosa, novato, 84 degrees. and there is mid-70s for berkeley and oakland. inland areas is going to take another day and certainly just a good five degrees cooler. and you'll feel the breeze a little bit. 67 inmont rai. 64 in carmel z inland areas mid to upper 80s
4:55 pm
there, is a big change in weather and there is rain moving in next week. >> former libyan leader muammar gaddafi is hiding out near the algerian border and says tribesmen are sheltering him. >> the paper says they're hiding out in a second son. colonel gaddafi has not been seen in public since late august. >> there has been fierce fighting in the libyan town of sert today. and there is dozens of trucks streaming towards front lines. war planes roared overhead. fighters have been unable to dislodge supporters in the
4:56 pm
town. >> and jewish newer starts at sundown. and many say there is nothing sweet about the rising cost of honey. and the reporting they paid three and a half times more for honey but many say tradition of having an apple dipped in honey is well worth the expense. >> and and actually, physically the taste. and obviously. what is sweeter than honey? >> one shopper says honey shouldn't cost so much because israel has plenty of bees and hive autos cuba's classic car culture with change. a law allowing sales of all models from all year goesing into affect. previously unrestricted sales only applied to cars built
4:57 pm
before 1959. that led to lots of american cars from 50s, the kinds with fins like these on the streets of cuba. >> and hard to get starts for a 57 rambler at this point. some opinions, eric lee says about time. and cybill more sentimental writing wow. i hope that doesn't change love for classic cars. that is part of their history. >> thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. >> and you can join the conversation at slash abc 7 news and tracking hatest breaking news on twitter. >> the news at 5:00 continues right now with dan and cheryl. a young girl killed by a motorist while talking -- walking to school and the person behind the wheel, a teacher. >> and eyes off provocative ads in a local mall. >> and a major policy change
4:58 pm
for arab women. >> good evening, i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm dan ashley. today, education groups sued the state of california over lost funding in the budget deal. >> that surprise litigation means schools want $2 billion, disabled rights advocates are trying to stop $100 million in cuts. >> with no republican support to keep the temporary tax hike goesing, democrats say there was no choice but to cut the budget. they have the final say. there is a lot more pain felt around california since governor brown signs a budget that enyachts another round of devastating cuts. this fifth grade teacher started the school year without basics. >> this is a lot of parents
4:59 pm
have to start coming in and fund raising. >> disabled californians saw their services slashed deeper. >> this is really awful for me because now, i only have day staff. >> representatives from both education and disabled groups are suing the state in separate lawsuits over what they call illegal cuts. under voter-approved prop 98 guaranteeing minimum funding using a complicated formula. schools believe they've been short changed by $2 billion. the legal chalg yempks led by several school districts. >> we're not going to put up with this anymore. it's time to take action. if we don't stand up for children of california who else will? >> the disabled community is frustrated. california's lanterman act guarantees access to service that's allows them to live independen


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